Notes regarding interactions with Armidale Regional Council

A process of developing a Master Plan for the Dumaresq Creeklands was commenced by Armidale Regional Council in July 2017.  Read the announcement of that decision here.

In February 2018, the consultants commenced work by meeting with the Armidale Regional Council staff to plan their first steps including gathering input from the community about their opinions, especially during the autumn festival in 2018.

Our association made a detailed submission to the consultants in April 2018.

The draft Master Plan was delivered by the consultants to Council by July 2018. It was planned for release for community consultation in July, then August, then September, then October and, as of early November, we still have not heard when the draft Master Plan will be released for community feedback. In the meantime, our association is holding a public meeting (in early November 2018) to help us develop our long-term Visions for the creeklands - see events here.