Why join VIsions for Armidale Creeklands?

To have an effective voice, our community association needs to be able to demonstrate to those who make decisions about the creeklands - the very heart of our city - that our collective voice matters!   And you will be able to help shape our proposals by voting on our collective decisions - and be eligible for election to our management committee!  Exciting huh?  Go on, just do it!  We promise NOT to ask you to sell raffle tickets!

By joining Visions for Armidale Creeklands Inc as a financial member (A$22 per annum, including GST), you agree with our aim and objectives. 

You can read a more complete statement of our Aim and Objectives by clicking here.

Our aim:

To assist in the careful planning, design and development of beautiful, healthy and safe public spaces featuring wetlands, lagoons and billabongs, connected by flowing water along the Armidale Creeklands.
We support the development of user-friendly infrastructure such as attractive bridges, paths and cycle ways, play and recreation areas, along with performance and creative spaces which will complement water features and improve the quality of life, economy and beauty of Armidale.

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