Survey 2: suggestions from members and Residents

Our 2nd survey - which should take about 15 mins - aims to find out which of these suggestions which we have received from members and residents are most appealing to you.  The suggestions are those offered followed our Public Meeting and Launch held in March 2018 and are reproduced as they were written.

As with our first survey, your answers will help our association convey information on community views - not only among members of our association - but also will inform Councillors, Council staff and the consultants who are currently drafting their Master Plan for parts of the creeklands.  Again, this survey is open to ALL those viewing this website.  In the last question, we would appreciate it if members of Visions for Armidale Creeklands Inc would enter their name so we can understand how members/non-members might respond differently to the suggestions made.

Please indicate your level of agreement/disagreement with these suggestions and then click on the Submit button at the bottom of this survey.

Many thanks!

Suggestions about community aspects
The needs of all residents, regardless of age, should be provided for
This is a long-term project which must involve the whole community
Should consult with schools to get student and teacher participation
We have the local expertise to plan and execute
Discussion is needed with sporting groups with regard to their requirements for the Creeklands
Should liaise closely with the Armidale Urban Rivercare Group
Erection of a state of the art playground - should involve consultation with the next generation of parents
I think it is a great initiative - also it is encouraging to have the support of Council
Aspects of design of creeklands features
Investigate aboriginal totem for area
Separate walk and cycleways with improved quality of pavement surfaces to enhance cycling, skating, etc.
Maintain quality cycleway for its whole length
Cycleway signs need to be restored
The stone channel design needs to be reviewed
Remove stone drain in central creek area in Armidale
Need to remove the deep and dangerous stone ‘drain’ containing the Creek, in favour of ‘flatter’ more visible natural water managed with flood mitigation processes in mind. Properly managed it would inhibit reed growth, encouraging ducks, etc.
Removal of the stone ‘drain’ containing the Creek allowing for a lagoon ponding to be created in this area
Need to consider existing infrastructure - e.g. underground water, sewer, electricity etc.
It should be done in stages and this is possible with forward planning
Review creek area to the north of Claude St flats and to west of bypass bridge and its relation to UNE - clearing this area would help beautify it
Review of creek bed through and east/west of University of New England
Rationalising of sporting fields meeting demands of different groups
We should be taking an overview of the whole Dumaresq Creek catchment and the various projects suggested in the floodplain rather than concentrating initially on water vistas
We could enlarge vision by looking at water resources in whole region
What features have been suggested so far?
An amphitheatre for performances to increase cultural venues
We should aim for a 400 seat City Theatre by the water in the creeklands area - it may need to be on piers to avoid flooding.
Having a city-centred accessible venue for theatre, conferences, etc. will help invigorate the City and the Malls
A cafe along the creeklands which is open on weekends
An area for dogs to play off-leash with access to water
Bridges over the creek, walkways and an outdoor performance space are all worth considering
Install solar lighting of creeklands
Recreational areas i.e. more BBQs, seating in shade
There is room here for more sculpture
The Farmers’ Markets have to be accommodated appropriately in the creeklands region
Low growing Lomandra [as in the Judith Wright Grove] does well here without needing cutting back, it could create some distinctive, sinuous curved hedges to attractively soften the area and yet keep visibility high
Upgraded creative playgrounds with some facilities fenced for safety for young children
Funding, regions, technical, water, weeds
Funding, regions, technical, water, weeds
Suggestions about funding, regions, technical aspects, thoughts on water and weed control
Consider sources of government funding at both State and Federal levels
Stanthorpe and lnverell are both examples nearby of good practice in managing waterways
Waterways such as in other centres would be great
Research is needed into several technical aspects of the Creeklands physiography - including hydrology of the catchment and flood plain levels; water oxygenation; soil contamination; status of the reeds (noxious and protected)
The matter of contaminated soil downstream from the old gas works needs to be addressed
Need to take into account flood mitigation
Need to consider possible sites for future water features
More lakes, ponds, wetlands for everyone to enjoy
I like the idea of slowing down the water with features similar to those in Black Gully
Darren Ryder’s UNE aquatic ecology group's work at the golf course is an exemplar of best practice
Could clean up Dumaresq Creek water quality using reed beds
Areas of water if quality is good enough for swimming, canoeing, etc.
Wish the Creek generally to have clear, naturally running water and be regularly checked for trolleys, rubbish, reeds etc.
Get rid of the weeds in the creek around Queen Elizabeth Drive
Remove all willows in creeklands over a 10 year term
Reduce heavy reed infestations in creeklands
Remove or reduce any other disruptive introduced species from the creeklands
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