Survey 1: Learning about your prefeREnceS

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The surveY

(after viewing INSPIRATIONS pages)

If you would like to provide us with some feedback about some ideas for water features, playgrounds or other amenities that you would like to see in the Armidale creeklands, please fill out the survey below.  It will take a few minutes of your time - however your responses will be very helpful as your committee prepares submissions to various bodies about potential improvements.  All questions are optional.

Ideally, we would like you to fill this out AFTER you have had a quick look at the web pages shown under the INSPIRATIONS tab where you can see some features of water features, playgrounds and other amenities at a number of locations in Australia (including Armidale) and in other countries.

This survey is open to ALL those viewing this website.  In the last question, we would appreciate it if members of Visions for Armidale Creeklands Inc would enter their name so we can understand how members/non-members might respond to the questions.

A few ideas about creeklands ...
A few ideas about creeklands ...
The creeklands, as they currently are, provide places where I like to picnic by the creek
If there were more water features along the creeklands, I would be more likely to picnic in the area
We need more parking areas to provide better access to different parts of the creeklands
We should explore ways of storing water upstream of Armidale to buffer the effects of flood events and also allow for a continuous minimum flow of water through the city
Ideally, the creeklands should have continuously flowing water so that the water does not become stagnant
As Council is going to improve Dumaresq Dam for recreation, some members of our committee feel that it would be good if we could improve access to the Dam from Armidale (perhaps by a bike and/or running path?) so that more people could enjoy the entire creek upstream of the city
I would like to see some small waterfalls (such as those shown in Sydney Park), where possible, or features that allow riffles which help increase oxygen in the creek water
I think some stepping stones (such as those shown in Sydney Park) would be a great feature perhaps near a playground for older children, provided the water is shallow at that point
I think that having areas of the creeklands (e.g. some ponds) suitable for fishing would be a good idea
Ideally, if an area of the creek could be deepened and enlarged, it would be good if it allowed for some canoeing and other water sports
Improving water features along the creek should be able to be achieved whilst improving native vegetation and soil protection
Some members of our committee feel we should try to construct some lagoons along the creeklands to try to replicate some of these natural features of our region
I would like to see more research done along the creeklands environment to enhance our knowledge
We should find a way to remediate any contaminated soil/land along the creeklands
I would like to see students in our schools, university and/or TAFE undertake projects to help plan our creeklands for the future
I think that well-designed bridges (pedestrian or vehicle) would enhance the beauty and function around the creeklands
Improving water features along the creek is likely to attract more birdlife
Native vegetation is important along the creeklands
Autumn colour is important along the creeklands
If any water features are created, it is important that flooding should not be made any worse
If black swans were seen swimming in water features near downtown Armidale, that would be a good sign of health of the stream
Ideas about playgrounds along the creeklands
Ideas about playgrounds along the creeklands
I like the concept put forward by the consultants for the Master Plan for the creeklands (in April 2018) for a playground that might be on both sides of the creek with some crossings (stepping stones or foot bridges) for older children
I think playground areas for toddlers should be fenced
Having a kiosk (e.g. as shown for Sydney Park) or a cafe is important for the success of a playground area
Toilet facilities (such as those shown for Sydney Park) are important for the success of playground areas
Ground cover in playgrounds with natural materials (such as sand or fine bark) are better than rubberised surfaces
Playgrounds in regional cities and towns should be just as good as those in Australia's cities
Armidale's playgrounds need to be designed to withstand damage during occasional flood events
We need better parking facilities near any playgrounds
As Armidale gets lots of days with high radiation, it is important that shading be provided for playgrounds
Trees are best for providing shade in our playgrounds
Shadecloth is best for providing shade in our playgrounds
A combination of trees and shadecloth would be best for providing shade in our playgrounds
Tell us your other ideas ...
How am I involved?
Please tick any that apply ...
Your name (members only)
Your name (members only)
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