2017 submission to Council ...

In June 2017, our nascent Association made a presentation to Armidale Regional Council.  A copy of the printed submission presented to Council can be downloaded here

Part of our presentation included our plans to create a not-for-profit association which can represent the community's ideas about improving beauty, safety and function of the Dumaresq Creeklands. 

These web pages for our newly formed Visions for Armidale Creeklands Inc will allow us to engage with the wider community and attract members to assist in achieving our Aim.

Excerpt From the submission: Opportunities

The concepts put forward here with the support of a diverse array of residents over a long period are a strong indication of local support.  All cities take pride in their natural or man-made features, often including water features.  The fact that so many inland towns and cities in Australia have developed water solutions for their own unique circumstances should embolden the decision makers who thus far have been hesitant to substantially modify Armidale’s creeklands.

Some of the many opportunities from an enhanced creeklands environment include:

  • enhanced recreational use of the creeklands which will add to the vibrancy of the city’s life – an increase in walking and cycling paths will increase enjoyment of the area and the health of the residents and visitors

  • in addition to the 4 candidate sites highlighted above, it may be possible in future years to see many more water features, ponds, etc. developed over time

  • creating deeper water features through excavation will achieve the dual objectives of removing tall reeds which obstruct water views whilst not exacerbating flooding potential

  • removing the stone ‘gutter effect’ channel in the central creek lands will both give a more natural look but also give parents a better view of any straying children

  • if necessary, use modern fish belly weirs (see p10 for description of flood gates in Lake Burley Griffin) could be an option to enable flood waters to be released automatically during temporary flood times

  • coordinate plans with those being made for the upgrading of Dumaresq Dam (built in 1898) which holds some 440 megalitres of water

  • possibility of creating several sizeable off-stream water storages upstream of the city, and downstream from Dumaresq Dam, to help provide water in dry times

  • creative use of solar-powered or water-powered pumps to elevate water to allow recycling of some water from downstream to upstream using aqueducts (the Romans built such infrastructure 1700 years ago!)

  • some elevated structures across the creek lands, such as dam walls, could perhaps be incorporated into additional road crossings to improve the traffic flow across the city during flood times (e.g. the new bridge planned for Cookes Rd)

  • incorporating water features into plans for the creation of a Performing Arts and Conference Centre – it may even be possible to find an area suitable for an outdoor amphitheatre with water views in the background

  • further expansion of the ponds behind NERAM in Black Gully which have recently been so successfully rehabilitated and a site for future expansion of sculpture displays

  • other higher parts of the city may also be candidate areas for the construction of some ponds which could be integrated into an overall plan (e.g. like the artificial pond in the Arboretum on south hill)

  • areas to the east and west of the current city could also be considered as potential areas to be designated for future, larger water features such as sizeable off-stream lakes or dams which would be suited to some water sports such as fishing, canoeing, rowing, etc.

If these opportunities interest you, feel free to read the entire submission here!