To assist in the careful planning, design and development of beautiful, healthy and safe public spaces featuring wetlands, lagoons and billabongs, connected by flowing water along the Armidale Creeklands.

If you agree with this aim, please:

We support the development of user-friendly infrastructure such as attractive bridges, paths and cycle ways, play and recreation areas, along with performance and creative spaces which will complement water features and improve the quality of life, economy and beauty of Armidale.


more Details of our Visions and Objectives ...

  • We seek to enhance the beauty and functionality of Armidale city’s open space along the Dumaresq Creeklands, by encouraging the creation of larger expanses of water as ponds, lakes and/or wetlands throughout the city.

  • We envisage a well-managed, safe and attractive environment, including in the heart of the CBD, which will see visions of Armidale reflected in water views, whilst allowing for flood mitigation and minimising other environmental risks.

  • More water features will lead to a better quality of life and more recreational opportunities for all who live in, near or visit this beautiful city as well as provide educational opportunities, encourage tourism and grow the economy. They will allow city-wide reflections in water of the sky and colours of our natural and managed landscapes.

  • These Visions and Objectives will be achieved through one or more of the following means:

    • Create a website dedicated to promoting the vision, concepts, draft plans and historical context of our proposals, so that we can more effectively engage with the community (these web pages)

    • To liaise with Armidale Regional Council in the development of an agreed process to ensure that the community’s views on the creeklands are adequately considered

    • To participate in planning processes that will lead to implementation of agreed plans

    • To engage with multiple stakeholders, such as: a wide array of citizen groups including youth groups, service clubs and Senior Citizen groups; University of New England, including the Vice Chancellor's office, to re-establish links to Armidale Regional Council by encouraging students involved in related areas of study - and the UNE Student New England Award – to become involved in the planning, environmental, health and recreational aspects of the creeklands; other educational providers such as primary and secondary schools and TAFE; sporting, walking, cycling, running and other recreation groups, including SportUNE

    • At the appropriate times, to work with and seek advice and support from Armidale Regional Council and NSW State and Federal Government Officers, Ministers and departments

    • To investigate funding sources, including those guided by the Armidale Regional Council (including for ongoing maintenance and improvement) and

    • To engage in any other activity related to the Visions agreed to by a majority of association members.