Generations of Armidale’s residents have wanted to enhance the natural beauty of the city by creating expanses of water along its creeklands.

Help us to beautify and improve the recreational, environmental and cultural aspects of our creeklands to enhance the quality of life in our classic city.


Recent news …

See lots of images showing what we saw along the entire length of the city’s creeklands on our recent bus tour here.

A presentation by our not-for-profit association to Armidale Regional Council in June last year led to Council funding the development of a Master Plan for the central part of the Dumaresq creeklands, which was due to be completed by July 2018.  This process generated a lot of discussion and consultation by Council and its consultants but, as at November 2018, we have still not seen the draft Master Plan.

Our members have been busy gathering ideas for the entire creeklands area, including visiting a number of children's playgrounds to see how other cities are meeting the recreation needs of their citizens.  See some images of our travels here.

Read more about our ideas and inspirations.  If you wish, please contribute your ideas via our NEWS/BLOG page, send us an email or visit our Facebook pages.  You can also answer our 1st survey of preferences - and see the first summary of Results to date.

"More lakes ponds wetlands for everyone to enjoy" is what one of our members wrote after our Public Launch back in March 2018.  Do you agree or disagree?  You can tell us how you feel about this suggestion (and 51 other suggestions made) by taking part in our 2nd survey about suggestions from members and others.  We would love to get your responses!


Looking from above, water features in the city of Armidale are not obvious

... Just add water?


But, sometimes, there is an abundance of water - such as when Dumaresq Dam floods

November 2011


Water supports the quality of life in our community

... for all of us

Help us to improve our city's water features - join us!

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Images 1, 3 and 4 kindly provided by Terry Cooke photography