there can be an abundance

November 2011

Armidale’s first water storage dam, Dumaresq Dam (built in 1898), occasionally floods. In November 2011, this image was captured as it overflowed in a spectacular fashion. The city experiences fairly frequent flooding events through the city with occasional major floods. When this happens, why can’t we capture some of the high flows, lessen the flood damage and save some for our our non-rainy days?





Are billabongs, ponds and wetlands possible in Armidale? What was here before the city was established?
Currently, many parts of the city’s creeklands are used as sporting fields and parks without views of water. If other cities and towns have created lovely waterways, why can’t Armidale come up with a plan that will inspire visitors and residents?



Together lets develop visions of water in our city. Imagine beautiful streams of healthy water continuously flowing through billabongs and wetlands. Join our members who, together, have lived in Armidale and the region for a total of over 1500 years! We want to gather the ideas from all perspectives - Aboriginal, sporting groups, environmental groups, recreational users, University students and staff, etc.

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supporting life

For all of us

Water supports the quality of life in our community, for all of us. These black swans are enjoying lunch in Dumaresq Dam, the city’s first water supply. Perhaps one day we might see swans enjoying themselves in a wetland or pond right in the centre of the city. To achieve this, one of our aims is to allow for healthy, well aerated water to flow through the city at all times.

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what inspires?

East of Stephens Bridge

This is what the creeklands look like in the centre of the city with water flowing east of Stephens bridge during a small flood event. Do you like what you see? Check out our many inspirations to see if you like any of them. If you have a vision to share, let us know about it by email.

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share your vision

To have an effective voice, we need to demonstrate that our collective voice matters! Those who make decisions about the creeklands - the very heart of our city - will be more impressed with our ideas if they represent the broad community. Please join us (annual membership is only $20)! And follow us on Facebook!


Images of Dumaresq Dam in flood and with swans kindly provided by Terry Cooke photography

Interested to take part?

Visions for Armidale Creeklands Inc formed in July 2017. We aim “to assist in the careful planning, design and development of beautiful, healthy and safe public spaces featuring wetlands, lagoons and billabongs, connected by flowing water along the Armidale Creeklands"