No doubt, there is a history of school students in the region taking part in studies of catchments, wetlands and streams. We wonder what results were found from studies of this mini model catchment located within Armidale’s creeklands catchment? If you know, please tell us about what was learned.

Perhaps there are a number of ideas students and/or teachers have had about studying our creeklands - such as water quality, vegetation, catchment, flood potential, bird life, planning, etc. If so, we would love to hear from you - please submit the form below to put an idea to us. We hope to be able to support your idea.

As we grow in scope, our association aims to encourage students at all levels to become involved in learning about what could enhance our creeklands environment.

From our Visions submission ...

We believe that there are opportunities for the involvement of all tiers of the education sector in Armidale from pre-school through primary and secondary schools to TAFE and undergraduate and postgraduate research studies at the University of New England.  Projects could include monitoring and measuring, wildlife studies, hydrology studies, engineering, urban and regional planning, natural resources, ecosystem management, nutrient flows, toxicity remediation, erosion control, etc.

To date, the University has been involved in restoring some of the Dumaresq Creek vegetation within its campus with the aid of the Armidale Urban Rivercare Group as well as UNE Landcare. 

No doubt, much more could be done to involve many of the education providers in Armidale and, through that participation, excite the next generation to explore new possibilities.

We are keen to hear from any educators would like to inform Visions for Armidale Creeklands about the interests of teachers and/or students.  Please fill out the form below and we will make contact with you about your idea(s) ...

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