What did we see?

on our bus tour of the Dumaresq Creeklands

In September 2018, a group of members and visitors enjoyed a 2 hour bus tour of the creeklands right across the city - from Lake Zot at UNE in the west to the Cookes Rd bridge at the eastern edge of Armidale.

Enjoy taking the tour with us and get a better appreciation of what the creeklands look like along their entire length. And then, at the bottom of this page, please take our 5-minute quiz to provide some feedback.

And that is the end of our bus tour! We hoped you liked it!

Please take our quick 5 minute quiz below to give us a little feedback.

Please tell us, in a few words, what your most important impressions were following viewing the above images ...
Plantings of native vegetation (optional)
Plantings of native vegetation (optional)
I think the native plantings carried out by the Armidale Urban Rivercare Group (AURG) have improved the creeklands area considerably
Condition of creeklands *
Condition of creeklands
The above images indicate that the Dumaresq creeklands within Armidale are still in need of substantial improvement
Water features *
Water features
I believe that creating more water features (e.g. lagoons, billabongs, ponds, wetlands, etc.), with adequate careful planning, would improve the Dumaresq creeklands
Mission of association *
Mission of association
Please indicate your level of agreement with our mission: "To create expanses of water along our city's creeklands, reflecting the sky and colours of our natural and managed landscapes, to improve the quality of life, economy and the beauty of our city, Armidale"
Your name (optional)
Your name (optional)

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